Grok Chatbot Coming Soon for X Premium Users, Confirms Elon Musk

xAI Grok
Image credit: xAI

Elon Musk announces that the Grok chatbot will soon be available to X Premium users, promising an enhanced experience.

Access to Grok, the innovative chatbot developed by xAI, is currently limited to subscribers of X’s Premium+ tier. This tier offers exclusive benefits but comes at a higher price. However, there’s good news for Premium subscribers: Grok will soon be available to them as well. Elon Musk, the driving force behind xAI, announced this expansion on Twitter, along with a helpful instructional video on integrating Grok directly onto the X website.

Initially introduced in early beta exclusively for Premium+ subscribers, Grok requires a subscription priced at $16 per month or $168 annually for yearly billing. With the Premium tier offering access at a more affordable rate of $8 per month or $84 annually, this rollout significantly lowers the barrier to entry for users eager to leverage Grok’s advanced capabilities.

In a move towards transparency, xAI recently open-sourced its Grok-1 model in mid-March. However, before this development, Elon Musk made headlines by filing a lawsuit against OpenAI and its former CEO, Sam Altman. Musk’s lawsuit alleged that OpenAI was prioritizing profits over its original non-profit mission. Notably, Musk played a crucial role in providing funding to OpenAI during its early stages.

In response to Musk’s claims, OpenAI clarified that there was no formal agreement with Musk regarding the open sourcing of its technology. The organization emphasized that Musk was fully informed about its transition to a for-profit entity and actively participated in strategic planning. Despite the legal dispute, Musk had initially sought significant control over OpenAI, including majority equity, board control, and even the CEO position.

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