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Send Your Name to the Moon: Join NASA’s VIPER Mission to Explore Lunar Mysteries

Image credit NASA/Daniel Rutter

NASA invites you to make history by sending your name to the Moon aboard the pioneering robotic lunar rover, VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover). Set for a mission to unravel the Moon’s water mysteries at the lunar South Pole, VIPER plays a crucial role in NASA’s Artemis program, aiming for landing the first woman and first person of colour on the Moon.

To add name and get your boarding pass, please visit:


Participate in the “Send Your Name with VIPER” campaign, submitting names before the March 15 deadline at 11:59 p.m. EST. NASA will affix collected names to the rover, offering a unique chance to be part of this groundbreaking lunar exploration. As a bonus, participants can create and download a virtual souvenir – a VIPER mission boarding pass featuring their name – to commemorate the experience. Share your involvement on social media using #SendYourName.

Nicola Fox, Associate Administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters, expressed excitement, stating, “Our names will ride along as VIPER navigates across the rugged terrain of the lunar South Pole and gathers valuable data that will help us better understand the history of the Moon and the environment where we plan to send Artemis astronauts.”

This campaign mirrors previous NASA projects, allowing millions to send their names on journeys like Artemis I, various Mars missions, and the upcoming Europa Clipper mission. VIPER’s Project Manager, Daniel Andrews, highlights its significance, calling it a “game-changer” that expands our understanding of lunar resources, supporting the long-term human presence on the Moon.

Scheduled for late 2024, Astrobotic Technologies’ Griffin Mission One will deliver VIPER to the lunar surface via a SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. VIPER, equipped with solar panels and batteries, will endure extreme conditions during its 100-day mission, collecting data about lunar ice and potential resources.

Part of NASA’s CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) initiative under Artemis, VIPER contributes to establishing a consistent cadence of Moon missions in preparation for Mars exploration. Managed by NASA’s Lunar Discovery and Exploration Program (LDEP), the mission involves contributions from NASA Ames, Kennedy Space Center, and commercial partner Honeybee Robotics.

Join the “Send Your Name with VIPER” campaign and become a part of this historic lunar exploration journey, leaving an indelible mark on space exploration.

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